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I found these pictures here. The builder describes his creation as

It is really just a collection of "stuff". The engine is a 1977 KZ1000, it is connected to a Datsun front end (flipped upside down to get the right rotation) using a common double-chain double-sprocket connection. Modified for inboard discs (Honda 750). The rear is one side of a Datsun IRS like they used in a 210 (or 510, I'm no Datsun expert). Woodwork is beautiful, all done by my neighbor/friend Martin. Oliver tractor grill (narrowed), BMW Isetta steering components, front wheels are Ford space-savers (very nice aluminum, I can't believe they put the good stuff in the trunk). Frame is just a simple home built job. I have some old Harley engines sitting here, a 1929 DL, a UL 74 inch Flathead and a Sportster engine and thought about installing one but I think the 4 cylinder looks more "correct" for the style of the car.
Three wheels, it's a motorcycle. However, it is registered as a car (paperwork came from the swap meet) because that way I don't have to wear a helmet. So far so good.
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I know this has nothing to do with Pembletons but I love the period detail in this replica of a Bugatti T37. Have a look at the build pictures and admire the workmanship.

There's a website in the US for Reverse Trikes which has some interesting stuff. They omitted the Pembleton so I contacted them to remedy the oversight.

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Here's another Morgan replica which looks great from the front, a pity about the rear end! The engine is interesting because it's not a Harley lump but an S&S engine. Look here for more information on these engines. No prices are mentioned so I'd guess they are pricey! I suppose one could be fitted to a hopper with a stronger gearbox.

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I was sent these pictures by a friend and the artist's website is well worth a look.

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These wooden cars made me Google for wooden cars and I got an amazing number of 'hits'. Here's an example.

It weighs just 900lb, has a top speed of 101mph -and is made entirely out of wood. It took more than 2000 hours to build this three-wheel, tear-drop shaped car, which is named 'Tryane II'. The wooden car has a top speed of 101mph The two-seater was put together using the chassis and 602cc engine from a Citroen 2CV. Mr Wood then built up layers of African mahogany around a basic mould using a boat-building technique known as 'cold moulding'. The car is a a three-wheel adaption of the classic four-wheeled 1969 Citroen Diane and is able to do between 55 and 70 miles per gallon. There's a bit morehere.

I was sent this link by a potential builder in Belgium. It looks like Phil has someone selling very expensive Pembletons in France! I tried to include some pictures but failed.

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