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Bob Gipatrick reports

Bob's e_mails

Bob lives in Daytona, USA and has built a Brooklands. He sdent me a number of e-mails and I have deleted some personal material.

David: (deleted) I am. however, building a 2CV special. I bought a 1984 2CV chassis and had it shipped from the UK. It came without a carburetor so I am trying to locate a Solex 26-35 carb with a mounting spacer and throttle cable. There must be some sitting around in the Pembleton family, so if

Hi David: I just checked the Forum again for the 100th time. I must say I really miss it. I hope something didn't piss you off or you have been incapacitated so that the forum won't be fixed at least not by you. I am about to order a Supersport LWB and while I have no doubts about finishing it without the benefit of the Forum I would find the building process more satisfying with it. Participating in the Forum gives one a sense of community with other members of a pretty exclusive club. But, with a Brooklands and a Supersport I guess I will have my own USA Club. I now have most of my donor parts cleaned and painted and Phil said he could deliver a kit fairly quickly. I hope to get started within the next six to eight weeks.


Bob Gilpatrick


My second Pembleton build is actually going very well except for some parts supply issues I have been battling. If I had all the parts I needed I could finish in six months. I can't wait to get on the road. I'm going to try to start my own blog about this build, intended for any potential US builders. I was really surprised at the "hits" counts by countries for the Pembleton website. It's hard to get into the habit of sitting down to post to the blog after a build session, however.

Please count on me for support in seeking outside help to fix the builders' forum. The Google forum is taking on a life of its own and many problems are being resolved but since it's not searchable...well. you know.

Regards, Bob Gilpatrick

David: I recently completed installing wire wheels on the Pembleton Daytona. The new Veredestein 155R 15 tires created some real problems when fitting the mudguards, especially at the front because of the turning wheels. They do look good though. Also, I was able to get the new wheels properly balanced so the ride is much smoother than before.

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