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Editor's Apologies

After the forum problems at the end of last year things seem to have gone from bad to worse. I had computer problems, backups were in Ireland while I was in Leeds. Other personal problems seemed to have conspired to take up a lot of my spare time. I know that RyanAir have seen a lot of me over that last few months.

Siggy has offered to sort out the old forum. It looks as if it might not be possible to combine the material on the tempary forum with the old forum postings. At this stage we haven't lost the material but its not available yet. Lets hope we can resume normal service as soon as possible.

This ePAG is a bit thin as I was collecting stuff for a spring issue but with all the problems I didn't pursue the gathering of articles etc. I do hope that the restarting of ePAG will enthuse people to put pen to paper - well fingers to the keyboard - for the following editions. I know that people have been driving far and wide and ask them to write up their adventures for the rest of us to enjoy. It will encourage people, including myself, to get that car on the road!

The Editor

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