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Weekend Workshop

David Parr a.k.a. Silverfish did a count of the completed cars and concluded that only a third of the chassis that had been sold were on the road. It was suggested that people needed some encouragement to complete their builds. Duncan Grimmond of Silversurfer fame offered the run of his workshop in Markingham, North Yorkshire. The idea was taken up by a number of builders who showed up for a weekend session on panel work last November.

Right: Turning up in style was Rob Andrews with his Italian pasenger.
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No information available Duncan showing how to roll the edge of a mudguard with a beading machine. He's forming steel so it's hard work.
Ian hammers a blister into a front panel for his right foot and the spectators are wondering if he brought along a spare sheel of aluminium.
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No information available Making a blister for rivetting to an existing car. one guy does the work and four are giving moral support!
Right: Duncan using the english wheel to roll a smooth surface onto the blister made earlier. Looks easy but ....

Below: My own efforts were on creating a joggled edge for a curved panel. To curve the panel the joggle needed shrinking on yet another of Duncan's machines. This panel fixes on the front hoop with the bonnet sitting in the joggle.
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