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10000 ft Run, 2010've read every ePAG studied all the photos and articles on the Forum, made it your build, overcame MSVA and DVLC, what now?

Enjoy it, of course, looking for any excuse to provoke the Whassat? reaction from the public, which is how I came to be looking at the website photos from last year's 10000 ft Run, organised by the Citroen Specials Club. The route was in the Yorkshire Dales, an area I know well from motor biking and mountain biking, and in the Forest of Bowland, an area I didn't know at all. No fee was demanded, no forms and risk assessments to fill in, just let them know you're coming.....that's my kind of event! I even invited my wife, who had only been for local jaunts in the Pembleton, was this wise?

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As we set off at 8 am on Saturday 25th September there was an autumnal chill to the air which was to persist all day, but at least the rain held off, always an issue in the Pembleton. The car park at Ingleton already held an eclectic selection of 3 and 4 wheeled devices and their owners, interesting to look at and friendly to chat to respectively. I'm no expert, but I saw Marlins, a Ford, a Triumph, a rare Citroen Bijou, a flight of Lomaxes, a Burton, and Jan'n'Spike's Pembleton, in fact the variety of cars was a bonus for me.

The friendly banter and technical conversations were eventually interrupted as the first cars set out, demonstrating a variety of exhaust notes, on the glorious roads of the Dales. Lunch and warmth were welcome at Helwith Bridge pub, where we were joined by fellow Pembletonistes Duncan and Pam in Silver Surfer and David and Nicki with Silverfish. All four Pembletons later lined up at our destination in Ribchester, 84 miles from the start, showing the variations on the Pembleton theme.

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No information available All in all "a grand day out, Gromit" (yes, we passed the Wensleydale cheese factory), great roads and a well organised event, thanks again to Malcolm and his team. It was good to meet in person the names who have become familiar through the Forum, as well as personalities from the other car clubs like the intrepid Jenny from Scotland. I had a great time and Her Royal Highness declared herself amused despite the cold, so join us next year!

Sam Bike

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