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Basil.K.Splutterpipe reporting

Well it's been a great summer (2010) and the first time, thanks to not having to go to Turkey - somewhere for reasons best known to God (and the wife), that I've been requested to attend for several years - that there have been some cracking Pembleing trips out.

Over the last couple of years I'd had a few problems with fuelling seemingly, which resulted in an inability to start and run consistently, an aversion to ticking over when warm, and a complete refusal to start once hot, well start quickly and without red faces . Say for example if one fancied a stop at a welcoming hostelry, most embarrassing when it came time to leave,'cos there's always a crowd.

The fuelling issue was cleared thanks to the intervention of me old mate Albert, he of Crackleport fame, that and a sparkly new pair of Dellorto motorcycle carburratori. What a difference these have made. For the first time in years my pride and joy is 100% reliable. I still have the old Honda carbs. and if anybody can explain to me why they suddenly became un-serviceable, after having done sterling service since the car was put on the road back in 2002 and indeed having been to France and back without missing a beat, straight after completion and without any form of testing, well then they're a better man than I.

No worries, onwards and upwards as they say.

To get fully into the spirit of summer 2010, I took a flyer and back in June I entered the car at the Yeadon Gala (a local village) in the classic car section. (I did have a little pre-show back in 2009, but only investigative) Surprisingly, despite my initial reserve that the owners of true classics et al, would be a little put out by this aluminium interloper, I have to advise that I was warmly welcomed, loads of interest from all round, and had a great day out. I didn't even enter the judging, but nonetheless came 4th !!, behind a beautiful Sunbeam Rapier, a very nice Ford Consul convertible and a Volkswagen caravanette (which was so well presented, there was almost a queue for an overnight stay !)

Not bad, I'm sure you will agree for a homebuilt - don't forget, this is chassis number 3, and so completely home built. "B'it rack of t'eye" (An old Yorkshire car building expression), by yours truly and of the course the great and never to be forgotten "almost legendary Albert Crackleport" (Old number 2 pilot and once upon a time editor of that well known and august journal, Pembletons Are Go !!). This was from the ground up.

Speaking about the Almost Legendary one, guess who turned up on the day, with Baroness and a large bottle of home brewed ale !, and two flagons !!. What a guy !!

Pausing for a moment of reflection, I am certain that all you Pembletoneers out there who have undertaken their builds, and got their hands, knees and various other assorted bit's, mucky, and in one memorable case, set their trousers on fire, that's another tale - whilst stripping, cleaning, preparing, painting and finally building, are all taking some pride that our cars basically came from scrap yards. We must be in for some sort of award for re-cycling. Come to think of it, where's my £2000.00 from the government for turning an older than 10 years car into a sparkling shiny king of the road. (An old guy, who was crossing the road in front of me at a set of traffic lights said,"it sounds just like a little sewing machine", not bad for something that was rescued from the jaws of a crusher eh !! ) Get me my MP.

So I've completed four runs so far this summer, all morning runs, all (mostly) in sunshine, which has got to be a first, all local, sorry I'm not a big traveller. To me it's just far more important to get out and about and have a reet good blast. The country lanes around Harrogate, Harewood, Otley and Ilkley etc etc have reverberated to the sound of a good pair of fishtails, with not a lot of muffling it must be admitted, but most excellent fun all the same.

So, buoyed with confidence and a great feeling of bon homie (Not sure that's the correct spelling, but I can assure you, I'm not) - I've also now entered at the world famous "Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza" due to take place on Sunday the 12th of September 2010, watch it rain, when Pembleton chassis number 3 will be doing it's bit to promote the Pembleton cause. I'll be spending the week beforehand in a flurry of polishing rags and Solvol autosol, watch it rain even more !

Report to follow in due course.

And here is that report now.

The morning of Sunday 12th September 2010 dawned bright and clear, no clouds, initially, a gentle breeze and quite warm. Up, out of bed, showered, hair combed, what's left of it, and down to the kitchen to prepare that essential for a grand picnic, yes folks a large flask of coffee and some egg and tomato butties mmmm! What else can a growing lad need.

Setting off bright and early, first stop was to collect my old friend and one time Pembletoneer, now revitalised motor cycler, Albert Crackleport RN. Off we went in our own little cavalcade down to the metropolis that is Otley.

What an excellent sight. The place was buzzing. Everything from old buses, through tractors, bicycles, heavy goods vehicles, cars of all ages, motor cycles, and what do you think as well ?? (Cue Tommy Steele) puttering right behind them came a little silver Pembleton, la la la laah !! (All together now).

As you will see from the couple of pictures taken and which I hope have been able to be downloaded ok, I got parked alongside the assembled traction engines. I thought that these set the Pembleton off very nicely, period look and all that. (You can also see in one of the photographs a nice pile of spares right behind me, also doubling as a 1964 Citroen 2CV, sorry to the driver of said car, but I will only always see a complete 2CV as the birth of another potential Pembleton)

Absolutely loads of interest in my little car, how many photographs were taken I don't know, but I reckoned that if I'd asked for a couple of shillings per picture, I could have retired a happy man. Lot's and lots of questions about the build, how it handles, how fast it goes, fuel consumption etc etc. I'm sure you've all had that whilst out and about. Invariably, being the only one, at this show anyway, really singles you out for special attention. When I entered, I entered in the "post 60's"cars, 'did I want to enter the judging?', 'no' I said as it wasn't a kosher classic. I wish I had now. At least two lots of visitors said that it was the best car they had seen at the show. Modesty prevails but it wouldn't have been the best but for Phil's most excellent design and the fantastic help, assistance, engineering skills and patience of the now Legendary Albert Crackleport. Cheers Albert, no, not another pint !.

I got a very nice plaque, proper brass as well, and believe it or not, the emblem on the plaque shows two crossed pistons, how cool was that, did they know ?? A mention in the programme, which is always nice, and you know that you're there as well.

Well what a most excellent day, I can most highly recommend this show, which has to be one of the best single day shows dedicated to transport, that I've seen.

The weather stayed good all day, not a speck of precipitation which always helps.

An excellent run back home and put the old girl back to bed until the next run.

Bye for now, Splut !!

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