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E_mails to the webmaster

I'm not sure about some of the e-mails I receive - most are advertising stuff which is of no concern to the Pembleton world which I delete. This e-mail is on the borderline and I include it with some reservation

I came across your kitcar club website and was wondering if you/your members would be interested to know about my company Ashford Chroming and our services. We offer a full chroming and metal polishing facility to car owners. We do all types of work such as polishing exhausts, engine parts, roll bars and tons of chrome plating of bumpers, grilles, light housings, trims, handles and as you could imagine much more.
We offer a almost international collection and delivery service and do work for customers all over the UK, Ireland, France, Norway, Portugal and as far as the Middle East.
Our rates are very competitive and our finishes worthy of many customer testimonials and reviews (ive added a link for these below).

If you think this maybe a useful service to your owners perhaps you could drop us a mention or add us as a link - Here is all our useful links and information below:

Our website link address:

How to contact us:
You can make sales enquires:
or telephone +44 01233 660879 - Our offices are based in Ashford, Kent - Full address is on our website with a map.

What people say about us:
We have lots of customer testimonials and referals:

Articles you can share with your club members:
We also have an interesting article written by us about how you can polish and restore your chrome parts - you can reproduce this if you wish in your club newsletter as long as you give us a mention ;-)

I hope you dont mind me dropping you a mail and hope this is all of interest.


Martin Webb

John Ward a.k.a. Konrod has a website recording his Brooklands build. He also was webmaster until I took over. We keep in contact and I asked him if regretted selling the Brooklands. Here is his reply.

Hi David

It's funny you know, I do miss the Brooklands and often wish that I hadn't sold it. the Brooklands was the third car I built, but the others were classic "kit in box" items. The Brooklands had so many of my ideas and personalisations (like longer chassis, rear seats, full width engine turned dash etc.) that it had a part of me. Sounds odd, and hard to describe.

The problem was pragmatic. I dropped the company car for buying one myself (saves tax etc.), which mean't that I wanted a second car that I could use for sunny day business trips. The Brooklands wasn't really going to cope with that (as we don't have many all dry days and I'll be in a business suit visiting clients) and isn't really a motorway car, which is where my business travelling is done by necessity. So it became a heart and head battle.

What it did do is cure me of the car building bug (so far) - nothing else I have looked at would give me that buzz or satisfaction. Every now and then I pick up a kit car magazine for a browse, and I don't find any inspiration now. In the end I bought a TVR and then upgraded it to a newer one as they have options to stamp my own flavour on them, have enough practicality and are fun to drive.

I guess it isn't so much serial car building as searching for an ultimate car for me that meets heart and head - certainly my TVR is getting close :-)).

Good work on getting the website and forum back. I'm not surpised that Blackzen don't back up - it's quite normal with ISPs that the user backs up their own stuff. I guess I should have mentioned it when I handed over, but I missed it.

I recall that setting the forum up required some "sanctioned edits" to the code to implement the security necessary to stop scam posts (such as the 2CV forum suffer endlessly). They are all publicly listed in the PHBB use forum so easy to replicate if necessary.



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