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Exhaust mounts- possible solutions for fracture problems

The forum had a thread on supports for the silencers and possible solutions to the fractures experienced by some people. These pictures and text are taken from e-mails sent to me for inclusion on the website.

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Here's a couple of fotos of the rear support I made for the its topical... 2 pieces of 2mm alu riveted together for strength...folds both sides, sits over the overlap to base of the panels so made a 2 piece jig with step in to give 2 level fold....lots of rivets [for strength and look!] I did consider some big bored holes in the flat triangular shape.

A half circle to sit pipe in and bit of split rubber pipe ..all held down with thick piece of galv wire through hole below pipe, not too tight, merely to stop it jumping out.

The Phil gutter brackets have felt strip glued in to allow sliding with expansion and no springs.

David Stevenson

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Here are a couple of pics which may help to decide how you want to do it. The bobbins are from a Land Rover parts stand at an auto-jumble, £1.00 each.I don't know what they are intended for. The rowlock has a nut welded to the underside and then re-tapped through. There is a degree of adjustment in the two holes in the strip as they are a little oversize.

The Brooklands cans are canted inwards to reduce the stand-off.

Crack on!


Duncan Grimmond

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Beware of IVA/MSVA sharp edges problems arising from these two suggestions.
The editor

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