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Doodle's progress

I know I'll need an engine grill for the MSVA so thought I'd make one that might well stay on the car. It's not finished yet but will have a further stretch of 15mm copper tube up over the engine and following round the front of the copper cowl. I've bought some fine stainless steel mesh from eBay to fit to the inside of the shape like a fire-guard. The mesh will allow a clear view of the engine innards whilst the copper tubing is in keeping with the rest of the car.

Although I had bought some bonnet straps, I wasn't too happy with how thick and unyielding they were and also, how dark. I found some belt blanks on eBay at £ 12.50 each for a 56" belt. They seemed just right so I bought two and used the brass fixtures I already had to complete the job. They need further applications of saddle soap but are toning down well to match the old brown leather seats in the car.

Bonnet Ornament - really for post-MSVA. There is some personal history attached to the old Austin 7 radiator temp. gauge so I thought it would make a fine bonnet ornament. The chromed parts are de-chromed back to brass and the ali. casting cleaned up. I purposely left the top inlet mounting on the top of the water cylinder as a fixing plinth for the gauge although it's given me all sorts of grief fitting the cowl.

I thought to make flat mudguards. I had seen them on an old car and thought they would work well on Doodle. As far as I can tell from the MSVA manual and what the chap in the department there said, as long as the mudguard covers the shadow as projected vertically downwards from the bodywork then they should be satisfied. I'll try it and see. The edges will be covered by split 8mm micro-bore as the scuttle is and the rest of the body edges will be. The photo shows the rear end of the guard carrying the reflector and rubber mud flap.

The speedometer is back from Speedy Cables. They took an age and charged a lot but made a lovely job of it. I've put an MPH label on the face though will probably redo it to get the black a better match to the speedo face. I've used three mounting fixings to carry on the old aircraft cockpit feel I'm trying hard to create.

Because I restructured the back of the car somewhat I've been able to create lift-up hatches on both sides and a smaller one further back on the near-side that houses the petrol filler cap. All hatches are lockable.

That's about it for now. Lots still to do so I've made a to-do list to focus my efforts and am gradually working down it. Hopefully next Spring will see me at the door of the local MSVA station so I'll see what they make of Doodle. I'm still having the best fun with the build though the glums do strike now and then. A little while back I was getting somewhat bogged down and fed up ... a lovely solution came to mind - get the wheels painted. I did and I can't describe what a lift it gave both the car and me!!!
Best to all.

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