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E_mails to the webmaster

I got a query from Roger about an error on the website and one thing lead to another. Roger highlights a problem keeping the register up to date. I don't know how to solve it - suggestions are welcome!

What I was going to contact you about was the chassis no. register. I thought perhaps you had too much on your plate with the rest of the website to be updating it, but I noticed today that you had done an update on someone else's chassis no. recently in which case perhaps the info I gave you a little while back got overlooked. I have got chassis 061 which I purchased from Tony Errington. He had previously notified it wrongly as chassis no. 065 because he didn't know where to look on the chassis to find the number and he just notified what he thought was correct! It is a SWB hopper which I hope to get to grips with as soon as I pick it up in mid November. I am/will be based in Ellesmere for the winter.
I can also tell you that when I was endeavouring to view chassis #017 owned by Keith Bull, Dave Parr replied saying Keith had sold it a little while back. I don't know who now owns it but it isn't Keith Bull.
I did manage to view another hopper (ss?) which is owned by John Simcox. I don't know the chassis no. but John lives in Shropshire and can be reached on 01743 884309 if you want to get the details from him.
For your info, when I started thinking of a Pembleton it was the register of chassis numbers to which I turned to find out where the nearest one to me lived. Sadly it then got very frustrating because the ones anywhere close to hand all seemed to have changed owners. I ended up driving a long way to see Dave Parr's example. Dave was very hospitable and helpful, but his car is probably far from a typical build. When I saw John Simcox's car it was much closer to what I expect to achieve for my own efforts and what I really wanted to see.
I do understand the difficulty in keeping the register up to date when cars are sold on. What I am trying to say is that I believe the effort to be worthwhile and thanks for doing it.

The outcome of this and a thread on the forum galvanised Siggy to create a map of the known locations of Pembletons world wide. This map can be found on the chassis register page. I will only put you on the map if you contact me. You can supply either a full postcode, if you don't mind people knowing your exact location, or just give me the first part of the code as an approximate location.

I get asked some odd questions - how about this one?

What does Pembleton mean?
Giuseppe Trossarelli

I replied giving him the Pemberton caravan story!

Here's another nice e_mail offering help.

Hello David,
I have only just joined the "club", so am looking forward to meeting some of you at one or other Pembleton event in future.
I bought Colin Robinson's SS 602cc: see picture. He called it after a Frog, so, as I live in France, it will have to answer to Grenouille.
I think it is a SWB as it is a little too short for me: 185cm, but on the other hand it already looks rather long; I wonder what a LWB looks like........
The car is at the moment in northern France: how do I give you a post code for that other than the local French one 59000, which covers the center of Lille?
50" 37' 40" N 3° 03' 15" E is about as close as I can estimate for the coordinates
You are most welcome to put it on the map at that location.
I don't have a GPS to check, so will be getting lost in the car!
Also, anyone passing thru and in need of assistance can always call on +33 604482289 and maybe I can help in some way, though, during office hours, I won't be able to leave work.
Henry Shaw (owner)
Forum nickname tostig

Rumours are circulating about avoiding the IVA test by quadracycle - Mike Meakin sent this to me.

Hi David,
Were you aware Phil G is building another Brooklands? Word is that he's hoping to get it through MSVA as a quadricycle. (The original Brooklands BMW 'demonstrator' I believe has been sold - I had someone contact me saying they had been offered the car (not by Phil) for £12K!)
Another person contacted (Tony Smith) who is also building a Brooklands and is hopeful of getting it passed as a quadricycle. He visited Alan last weekend ( I was away) to see his car and get some ideas.

An e-mail, which is a blast from the past, if you have read some of the first PAGs you might recall the names in this e-mail.

Hello Webmaster,
I was one of the original pembleton barmy army. My father, David Millar, and I built chassis # 11 and I owned, for a short time, chassis # 4 (built by Jerry Fosh). I was wondering if anyone had any updates about the cars, in particular # 11.

I replied asking if she knew anything more than the register contained about the two cars and Kirsty send me this e-mail.

Hi David.
Number 11 and Number 4 were sold just over 3 years ago - #4 in May 2006, #11 was a few months before hand. I know number 4 was sold to an artist who spent some of the time in france and I think the website says number 11 is in sussex but would just like to know where they are and what they are doing as it is 4 years or so since i last rode in them both and have fond memories of them and time spent with my dad.

I got a query about the forum and received this follow-up e-mail

Thanks for update to my file.
No I do not have a Pembleton but a 2CV Special...Crozier3, it is a home build and is the third one constructed before I retired and moved to France. I was originally based in Scotland, Glasgow, but the weather was poor and it is much more ameanable here, you can go a run in mid December without waterproofs and heavy jumpers.
We have a large garden so if you are passing drop in, no problem camping etc. Are you or any Pembleton cars heading to Salbris for the world meeting of 2CV's
Find attached a photo of my car, the red one is the first now owned by a pal, the green one is the second owned by my brother, and the blue is mine. The name Crozier is from my Mother's maiden name and in her memory. All three are powered by 2cv engines/gearboxes. In the area there is a Burton special and now a pembleton in Perigieux, its on the register/forum
Bill D
Crozier 3 Crozier 3 No information available
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