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Yet another year has passed by. They seem to whizz past faster and faster but that's a complaint all us oldies have!

Duncan celebrated a significant birthday and here's a picture of the cake. Compare it with pictures of his Silver Surfer on the Owners cars page and be amazed!

I visited a build in West Yorkshire - yet another Guzzi powered vehicle. It looks as if the standard engine for a Pembleton is becoming a big Moto Guzzi lump. Alan hopes to complete it and get it MSVAed next spring. It will be another car to join the Yorkshire squadron.

There was a readers car featured in the May 2010 Complete Kit Car which looks rather like Crozier's last build except a bit more rounded softer look. This look was achieved with Morris Minor bonnet panels being used to for the front and rear upper panels. He, yet another pensioner, built it from scratch using a Visa engine and double wishbone front suspension. In my opinion it looks better than a Lomax (not difficult!) but obviously not as good looking as a Pembleton but I'm biased!.

I'm going to be away in New Zealand for about 6 weeks early next year so there will be nothing done to the website (nor my build!) during this period. It will be nice to see some warm sunshine after the last few weeks of snow and cold. That doesn't mean I don't want material for the next ePAG! This will be the 40th edition of PAG/ePAG so lets try and make it something special.

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