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Trailer for a Supersport

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I need a trailer to bring Quicksilver over from Ireland to the UK for MSVA. The legality of an "A" frame trailer is marginal and there's also the problem of damaging the front CV gaiters as Duncan discovered. I thought that a "T" boat trailer layout with the car facing backwards would put the load onto the axle wheel it rightly belongs. I raised it on the forum and got a useul reply with pictures via e-mail.

I'm just reading through some older chatter items and found your regards trailers and how to tow a Pembleton car.
I attach the unit I built for the Crozier/Bond Bug, it works well and is towed by my VW van. It happily cruises at the legal limit(70mph...hope you are not in the police) and does not have undue nose weight. I am able to adjust the position on the "roadway to adjust the nose weight.
The build is a rect box Tee with stiffening braces, these have eyes welded for tie downs, the roadway is aluminium checker folded with wings.
To load I initially unhooked and fitted a leg at the front to tip the unit, then winched aboard...too much like hard work and if thegrip on the winch crank is not tight the handle will spin back and whack you on the face.
The better way is to take off the trailer wheels and lower the hubs to the road and this reduces the angle and allows the winching on very much easier, also you are not attempting to guide the car/trailer as they come together.
The Crozier loads backwards and the Bug loads forwards.
Bill D...Crozier3

I asked Bill about the steel sections he used and got this reply

I built to look safe, bearing in mind I am an engineer I consider it strong enough.
Your first question was what weight at the rear wheel...don't know but assume about 100kg, I am able to lift/drag the back of the car but could not lift it onto a brick for instance. The total car weighs 420kg so a split of 100 rear//320kg front would be about right.
Did I do any stress I considered it but based on the loads involved not necessary!!
The main tube front to rear is 80 x 40 box with a cross plate at the axle. The rear frame is 50m square and has a cross plate at mid point. Thee trailer can be split and the main tube put on the roof rack, the rear frame into the van( saves paying on the ferry!!! I am Scottish.
Weights, I can lift the main tube complete with road onto the rack myself and walk about easily with it so about 40kg, the rear frame is more awkward to lift but I would assess about the same maybe slightly heavier..say 50kg, the wheels can both be carried at once.
So a target of 500kg fully loaded is reasonable, and achievable.
On the road it tows beautifully and does not snake or push when braking, you forget its there!! The width is big, the track of the car is 1200, the track of the trailer is 1700 and the overall width 1900. The front wheel is about 800 behind the trailer axle and there is a slight overhang at the rear. Lights are removable to allow it to sit on the road during loading/unloading.
I can achieve negative load at the ball by moving the car to the rear so ball load is not a problem.
I secure the car by chain to the rear and tension the front axle forward by ratchet straps, then winch the towball at the front(my car has a tow ball for a camping trailer) It does not move,just sits shimmering.
Do you want some photos?
The forum appears to be working, I refreshed and it is ok...maybe just that there were few response to anything

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