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New Tyres

April is approaching and it seems to have become a tradition that we celebrate Pam's "official" birthday on the first good weather Saturday in April. This is so that we can go for a spin and have a late lunch at the Blue Lion at East Witton.

Last year we climbed the notorious Park Rash, a cyclist's nightmare of a hill-climb. It starts just east of Kettlewell and is a very steep climb (1:4 and steeper in places) with a couple of very hairy hairpins. As we approached the foot I could see a rather large motor- home coming down the hill so I pulled into the side of the road and switched off the engine. The idea of meeting that monster anywhere on the hill was too daunting as there are a couple of spots where we could have been forced over the edge!

Running along on the top of the watershed into Coverdale there were still large patches of snow on the west-facing hillsides. We stopped for coffee at the roadside looking over to a derelict farm, wondering what the life would have been like fifty years ago with serious weather to cope with from November until well into March.

We rolled down the dale and ended up in East Witton for lunch.

Some of our Summer adventures have already appeared in ePAG and here we are in the middle of March 2011

Following last November's weekend workshop I started chasing tyres. I wanted something to make the car return a better speed per RPM and settled on some Toyos. The car had run out of Tax and was SORNed to give me the time over Christmas to make new mudguards to accommodate the larger tyres.

Of course, second time around and 3 years later I had forgotten everything I had learned during the original build and so I had to learn it all again. At last I had the guards made and then it was time for the new brackets.

Colin Wilson (ex-Brooklands and now Wilbot builder) called in with Jacqui and Katie on the Saturday morning of the workshop weekend bringing his tube-bender should anyone need it. It turned out to be most useful as Dave P and Mike B spent happy hours sweating over the off-sets in the mudguard stays

Dave Parr had supervised the manufacture of new brackets for Mike Bulley and I was involved only at the last moment, welding everything together. I was busy elsewhere with other sheet-metal projects and missed all their fun. By the time I came to do my own I had forgotten what they looked like and had to call on Mike for photos of his. They arrived promptly and I started measuring pieces of tube.

After much swearu=ing and fiddling they are now painted and fitted, awaiting a pair of new torpedo indicators from SVC. The only remaining detail is the rear edge of the barrel which has to be cut to match the new larger spare. This involved removing the tubular trim from the edge and trimming it back with snips. I made a disc in ply with a set-back centre to mark an even line this time.

When I made the tubing originally I spent hours on each 2M length so I have just spent a Sunday afternoon annealing the tube to pull it straight again, removing the "No-Nails" glue from inside the tube and re-drawing the length through the drawplate I made. All in all I might have been quicker making a new piece. I also have to try to source some wheel-stud bolts 25mm longer that the ones fitted so I can fit three spacers rather than cutting the frame and welding in as 25mm piece on each side.

I've found the bolts, fitted them and re-taxed the car so it's all systems or "Pembletons Are Go!"

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