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Exhaust hangers

Having had both exhaust support brackets snap off at different times (both "fatigued" at the beginning of the thread) I decided to make additional support for the Brooklands silencers - the cans are very heavy. At the same time, it seemed to make sense to incorporate mounts for the rear lamps, which are also heavy, so that they would be body-mounted, rather than whanging up and down with the rear suspension. As yet, pressure of other things hasn't allowed me time to fit them - I hope to do that before the North Yorkshire Moors trip. The brackets are made from stainless rod welded to a mounting strip, shaped to the rear body. A second strip will fit inside the body, with rubber against the panels. I will be bonding in an extra piece of 1.5mm sheet aluminium to spread the load. The tailpipes will simply rest in the top of the support, cushioned with fibreglass braid (cheaper than exhaust bandage - used by plasterers and fibreglass panel makers as joint tape). The lugs on the brackets for the lamps put them very nearly in the same position as they are, attached to the mudguard strut. I'm looking forward to not having to repair cables and change bulbs that have been shaken to death.

I'll forward more pics when the job's done.

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