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From the Antipodes

What a summer this has been , rain rain and more rain then a few Cyclones to top it off. Just so you can get you head around it we have had the area of 5 times the UK under flood. Over 80,000 klm of roads destroyed or damaged, 55,000 klm of power lines damaged, so you can Imagen what damage there is to home and businesses . And that is just in Queenland alone.

The entire Eastern Seaboard suffered over 3000 klm in distace.....and lake Eyre in the dry centre is awash with birds for the second year in a row, this is where Sir Donald Cambell attempted the Worlds Land Speed record on the dry salt flats

Now the place is so flooded that there are boats being used by farmers instead of tractors

Just before Christmas some silly Moo backed into Goliath in her Honda CRV and I thought it had damaged all the machining that held the alternator but it seems that it only damaged the cover. So its not so bad, I thought I would make a new cover from one piece of billet instead of two but the cost just for the material was $450 so thus far it is left with a dent in it … Oh, so as you under stand the cover was made from Machine bar so it cant be welded or beaten back into shape as it is cracked… a bad call I guess but it was free and it was what I had on hand at the time..

To add to the situation, I discovered termites in my house... these little buggers had eaten their way through three rooms and a few floor joists , so major repairs there and we are just finishing that. The last thing is painting thats this weeks job.

As if there wasn't enough to do I decided to replace my concrete tile roof with steel as it handles the storms and Hail better this has taken the past two and a half weeks and left me with a mess to clean up... So it has been a busy Summer to say the least.

No trips over Summer to gloat about I am afraid, We are off to the Maleny bike only swap meet next week , we always cause a stir when we go , and you should hear the comments …..Looks like a VW cut in half says one bloke, another says thats all stainless steel, but what ever the comments about the construction or the power plant there is agreement that it is ….Not bad! It hasn't been polished for a few weeks so I best get to it...

I have been toying with the idea of upgrading to Moto Guzzi power plant so in anticipation I have altered a pair of front suspension arms to Phil's specifications, and yes with his blessing. I still have to make the flywheel and the adapter plate and up grade a gear box if I can ever find the appropriate ratios here in Oz. I have been invited to a CITIN which is the national Citroen rally held over Easter , apparently they have booked a large pavilion and want to put 3 special cars on display for the rally and mine is to be one of them not bad hey , but I'm not sure if I can sit around for 3 days looking a Citroen's could you?

Just got back from a very wet weekend at Maleny sadly Goliath Decide not to go..... There we were all dressed up in our Gortex rain gear and as I attempted to push the Hopper from the shed I discovered it wouldn't roll.... you guessed flat front tyre.... I jacked it up ,no obvious signs of penetration by foreign bodies, I had checked the tyre pressure the night before and put 19 psi in as it was a bit down, and I concluded that the valve had dislodged and not re-seated properly.... what to do worries we had plenty of time , off with the wheel and in 5 minutes the tube was out and inspected no holes ….

Now up to this point Elizabeth , other wise known as Her Majesty (HM or BB Betty Boop depending on the mood) was happy to drive two hours in the rain, spend the weekend in the rain and return home in the rain , but she did not want to be stuck on the side of the road in the wet with no spare,... no sense of adventure says we went in the car instead and as a result a fairly boring wet weekend, no treasures from the swap meet and a dry but boring drive. We even took a hotel.... HM had a good time in all the girly shops and I lost her once or twice in the pink isle while I sat outside on the seats provided by the shop keepers for bored males, or paroused the second hand book shops for over priced out of date engineering books, which always seem to be placed on the bloody bottom shelf in a dark corner obviously not big sellers, and when one looks at the price tag of 15 quid its no wonder they are still there...

But beautiful dry cool winter is looming and I'm sure we will have some adventures to report on next PAG

Peter Gibbs

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