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Using the Solex carburettor on a Pembleton

I hit upon this idea while converting my Brooklands carburetors from Mikuni VM34's to a Solex 26-35. Why did I make this conversion? I felt the Solex installation offered some real advantages over the twin motorcycle carburettors. Many people have said that the 2CV engine performs really well with the Solex carb. I confirmed that by installing a Solex on my Supersports.

The advantages are:
  1. Satisfactory performance. In fact, my Supersports is quite spirited.
  2. Simplicity. There is only one throttle cable and one choke cable.
  3. Reliability. The Solex carb is a proven carb for the 2CV engine. There is no problem with the location in relation to the brakes and driveshafts.
  4. With the original manifold the alternator can be mounted in its original location instead of hanging down on the left side of the engine.
  5. A KN air filter is available which allows a low profile for the bonnet to cover. Making the connection between the 2CV manifold and the exhaust pipes is easily accomplished by using flexible 1 1/2" stainless steel tubes.

Anyway, the idea I had when hanging the exhaust pipes was hatched because I needed more support for the pipes because of the flexible tube connectors. I'm not real happy with the exhaust hangers supplied by PMC. I hit upon the idea of using 1 1/2" exhaust pipe clamps available at any auto parts store. I simply welded a bolt to the flat part of the clamp and affixed the clamp where needed as shown in the pictures below. Now I can easily mount or unmount the pipes. I recently took the pipes off to polish the aluminium body under the the pipes. Remounting the pipes was a breeze. Here are the pictures.

I'm not sure Bob's exhaust clamps would satisfy IVA/SMVA inspectors armed with a 100mm spheres.

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