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North Yorks Moor Run 2011

This run was organised by Spike and Jan Stephenson. A post on the Pembleton forum announced the date and time of the trip and I was keen to go but still haven't my car finished (I hope to finish it later this summer - so near yet so far!). Bumbly1 had a spare seat and kindly offered to take me along.

The start point was the Beadlam farm shop and I drove up from Leeds in the 'tin top' to join a collection of Pembletons, three DRKs, the Wilbot, a couple of Lomaxs and a few unidentified specials. The weather was fine but the forecast wasn't promising and we set off in groups of about five vehicles at a time.

We were playing follow my leader in the first group and set off at about 10 on a scenic route up hill and down dale round the North Yorkshire moors finishing the morning stage with a lunch break at the Lion Inn. We had the now almost obligatory photo shoot of the Pembletons in all their variety: three wheels, four wheels; long and short wheelbase; powered by 2CV, BMW, big block and small block Moto Guzzi - they were all there.

The weather had broken by the time for 'off' had arrived so it was on with the waterproofs and off again. It rained but not as bad as forecast - do they ever get it right? - again up hill and down dale and was it up hill? Yes - Rosedale Bank Chimney was taken at a run - the 2CV getting us up with no problems. A comfort stop taken somewhere - by this time I was completely lost only knowing south from the watery sunshine! We ended up back at the farm shop for a dainty afternoon tea.

We were short of fuel so Tom let me drive into Helmsley - my first drive of a Pembleton! When we got to the 40 zone I glanced at the speedo to discover I hadn't even got up to 40 on the derestricted road - my perception of speed needs recalibrating for driving a Pembleton. I wasn't dissapointed with the experience and I am really looking forwards to completing my build after too many years of work/idleness. I left the rally about 6PM and returned to Leeds full of good intentions about completing my build this year.

David Tocher

What a great weekend! So many "variations on a theme by Pembleton" - Andrew Steven's head is buzzing from the permutations! A pox on the driver of the Eurobox in front of me climbing Rosedale Chimney Bank - slowed down mid-way to look at the view! Wonderful to see the Wilbot AND for Jacqui to have a first-hand taste of how much fun a trike can be. That has to augur well for Colin's next "Super-Pembleton" project. The evning meal went well at the Fox and Hounds , Dissington. Duncan had booked a minibus to ferry us there and back. Jan and Spike had pre-booked a number of "covers", it being Saturday night and there was some difficulty when we turned up in lesser numbers than anticipated. The food was absolutely excellent. Isolated quote of the evening was Dave Parr's "Nice Jugs!" which some heard, out of context. It rained fit to bust during the night, but we had a dry run home, back to Norfolk some 457 miles run.

Mike Meakin

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