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As usual I was getting worried that I had no material a late flurry of stuff came in to (over)fill this edition.

Progress on Quicksilver is zero as I haven't returned to summer pastures in Ireland. I don't expect to get back until August but will try my best to finish the 'hopper this year. Personal events have conspired against the planned long summer in Ireland.

I found this picture and text on the web - where else? - a velorex.

The Velorex was designed in Czechoslovakia just after WW II as a cheap independent mode of transport for the handicapped. It was a very basic three-wheeler cyclecar with a simple tubular frame and covered with a waterproof cloth to keep out the draft and the rain. At first it was powered by a 175cc or a 250cc Jawa motorcycle engine, but from 1963 on this went up to 350cc. We saw this quite colorful and trendy Velorex with 'Jeans' look at the recent Techno Classica in Essen, but as luck would have it, this weekend we spotted a more original looking 1970 16/350 safely parked not far from our home!

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