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Sunday 1 May 2011 - Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

Sunday was a beautiful day so I decided to give Silverfish a bit of a fettle before setting off. Darren called in on his way past with 'Junior' riding shotgun. True to form I was not ready so Darren carried on with a 'See ya later'. I arrived at Stoneleigh about lunchtime. First stop, the Marlin Club stand to touch base with my old mate Danny Nelson and also new builder, Robin. Danny was doing well but Robin proved elusive.

Parked up on the CSC stand with its usual eclectic mix of 'specials' (mostly Lomax of course, but some others). Steve Parrish came up trumps with a Panhard manual in English and I unloaded some urgent spares - acquired recently on visit to France - pistons and a starter motor. I also took the opportunity to have another look at his Panhard installation.

Six Pembletons were present, all of the pure form:

  • Darren Howard
  • Mike & Ian Stephens
  • Mike Thompson
  • Rob Andrew
  • Don Eden
  • Me


  • Alan Percival
  • Dan C.


  • Malcome Hopwood
  • Chris Day

Rob Andrew demonstrated amazing load-carrying capacity with his newly acquired 'bargain' - with a five-hour journey home in prospect! He was awarded a trophy by the CSC for his effort and, I'm please to report, did make it home safe and sound.

In all a grand day out.......Dave

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