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Hill climb school

The attendees at La Vie En Bleu at Prescott were rightly enthused with an opportunity to drive the hill, a proud moment for all Pembleton owners and supporters, and since then there has been enthusiasm to go a little further in these exploits with attendance planned at a practice session next year at Prescott by some owners.

A bit fired up by this and thankfully recovered from a bout of illness I set about finding out about how to get in on the action with the ultimate goal of driving the Wilbot in some continental events. To do this you need a licence granted by the Motor Sports Association. To qualify you have to earn signatures on a non race national B licence. One way of earning some of the precious points and some much needed knowledge is to attend a hill climb school course. I chose Loton Park because the timing suited my time table and it was somewhere I had been to walk the course and watch some completion.

The day starts a 8.30 with signing on and a classroom course to introduce the instructors, all experienced hill climbers, the theory is explained and then you walk the hill with the instructors pointing out turn in, apex and exit points all marked with blue cones then you are driven up the hill at some speed with the instructor giving a commentary as you go. After this your opportunity to learn and improve comes along. The 13 attendees managed 10 runs each with no incidents to speak of then at the end of the course their is a debrief and certificate presentation . No real winners or losers just a realistic summary of how you did. A excellent well run course with safety and fun being the keynotes.

There are schools at Loton, Shelsey Walsh and Prescott. all on the net

The good thing about hill climbing is you can go as fast as you and your machine are comfortable with, competition with only you to spoil your day if you get it wrong!

Colin Wilson

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