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On the forum I mentioned I had attached an external handbrake and was asked for more info and a contribution for ePAG. The handbrake was apparently from an Austin 12 sourced via E-bay. The mechanism underneath is a combination of the Austin 12 and bits and pieces from around my garage (eg a brass nut and olive from some sort of plumbing to act as a bearing at the furthest end from the handbrake handle. Ground clearance is an issue as there is not a lot as there is so speed bumps (sleeping policemen) need approaching with a certain degree of care. I have shortened the arm which acts on the handbrake linkage to the lever up in the engine bay but will probably flip it to 180 degrees to give a touch more clearance and then work out some sort of skid plate. MOT was not an issue. Ideally it would have been positioned a little further on the chassis in terms of ergonomics but springs etc dictated or at least implied where it should be. I have made a number of alterations to my car as following a bump I have had to spend a fair amount of time rebuilding the front suspension engine and box. This however became an opportunity to pesronalise the car from the superb job which Colin (Wilson) had done.

A sump bump! Had a spare / wrecked engine and felt it would be nice to have a little more space for my feet. Works a treat!

I wanted to put in older looking seats as I had removed the central handbrake so these are adapted from the rear seats of a Rover P5 as they seemed suitably patinated or should that be distressed? The harnesses are Sutton harnesses as used by the RAF in WW2 and again seemed to give the correct "feel". MOT were happy with these and they feel very secure when strapped in. Certainly less convenient than modern belts but worth the hassle.
I was concerned about having somewhere to store goggles etc away from prying eyes so cobbled up a false dash to try and disguise the glovebox. Onto this are an old bakelite horn / light switch vacuum gauge etc which function and helped to clear up the steering column.

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