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Doug's build pictures

I received this e-mail from Doug Miller aka Doug6pipes

Hello David
I might be to late for the next issue , here is a connection to a photo album on my Brooklands build, I know you would have liked a ten page essay on the subject but I an no good with words, the photos might be of interest to somebody.
All the best keep the good work up.
Doug Miller ( doug6pipes )

The link to his pictures can be found here.

I have to say they show pictures of a splendid build with lots of beautiful detailing. I'd love to see the car in action somewhere soon.

I tried to persuade him to write something about his build without much success. I did ask about the high gound clearance of the finished car and this is what he e-mailed.

Hello David
Thanks for your comments about my car.Its the nice thing about Pembletons they are all different you can put your own mark on them, the ground clearance is higher than most partly because I used 19" wheels to give it the real pre-war look and I set the suspension high as well this was to clear a huge hump in the centre of the rough drive I have to use to get to my garage.
all the best

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