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Follow-up to the Limerick Grand Prix article in ePAG#37

I received this from one of the organisers of the Limerick Grand Prix event that I wrote about last year.

Hi David,

I came across your article on the below website :-

I hope you enjoyed last year's event. We are planning a second (and final) commemoration this year on the weekend of September 3rd & 4th. We are working on trying to track down as many of the actual cars which participated in the original races so hopefully we will be able to put on a good show this year. Its difficult to run the kind of event that we would like to as we have a a small club with little or no funding. This also doesnt lend itself to attracting oversea's entries or helping.

The Austin 6 was a last minute effort to get a 20's / 30's car at very short notice. The geniuses at Shannon Development took it up and pay car owners with their travel expenses. The geniuses at Shannon Development took it on themselves to organise a press launch at short notice and it was the only car that I could get my hands on.



The following e-mail, again from Martin, about this year's event

Hi David,

Nice to hear from you, and I loved your article on your NZ trip. Its great to see so many fantastic cars being preserved and in regular use.

I am trying to track down original posters and programs from old irish events but they aren't easy to come by. We did reproduce a poster from the 1935 race last year and gave a copy to all of the entrants and it went down really well.

There are actually two events happening in Limeriick this summer. The event in Adare is a commercial event being run by a group of local business men who also happen to be motoring enthusiasts. They are running the "Irish Festival of Speed" or as one man called it a "Paddy Goodwood" on Sunday 31st of July on the grounds of Adare Manor. They are using the Limerick Grand Prix heritage and footage from our event last year to promote their event which is causing mass confusion. We have requested on a couple of occasions that they remove this from their website but they have not done so to date. We were speaking with the Festival of Speed comittee some time back but as a club, we are not really interested in getting involved in a commercial venture. We just want to commemorate the original races and try to attract as many as possible of the period cars back to the city. Old cars are just a hobby (or illness) for us and it starts to get complicated where money is involved.

Our 2011 event is taking place in the city centre & Pery Square area on the first weekend in September (3rd & 4th) so maybe you could be back for it?

Good luck with your Pembleton, I look forward to seeing it on the road or even at some of our culb events in the future.



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