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As usual I was scratching about for articles but our readers haven't let us down. I like to have a mix of construction reports with pictures and 'derring do' tales. The next edition is planned for December and I always want articles!

Don't forget Duncan's weekend workshop. For those who aren't in the know these are run to help kickstart stalled builds by providing people with useful advice on how to do it and Duncan also provides access to a well equipt sheet metal workshop and an endless supply of tea! Wel worth attending. Have a look at the announcement in this ePAG.

The chassis register is getting out of date as people buy and sell a car or new chassis. The Google map required updating. Could people help me by e-mailing any changes that are required?

I thought I'd put in my excuses for the lack of a build report for Quicksilver. I stayed in Leeds for the summer for a number of family events including the birth of another grandchild and buying a house. Having the build in Ireland doesn't make for much progress. The idea is that we will eventually have to settle in one place and that's almost certainly going to be in the UK. We managed to sell the current house in Leeds without too much difficulty. The new house has a large garage which has enough room for the lathe, bench, other machine tools and, very important, the Pembleton - all of which I will bring over from Ireland sooner or later. I've never ever used a garage before for a car until I started on my Pembleton build.

We hope to return to Ireland , where the car is, later this autumn. I hope to finish it off and get it through the MSVA sometime before the spring - I can but hope things go to plan. I've been at the build far too long - I bought the chassis second hand in 2007. My excuse is, because the car is in Ireland and I only spend six months in Limerick, it has 'only' taken two years to get as far as I have.

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