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Hatching an Idea

Access hatches for Doodle

Chassis 97 came with no vertical member between the seat hoop and the bottom chassis rail. Phil G's suggestion to weld one in didn't seem to work for me as the position of the seat hoop seemed further back than usual and would have resulted in the vertical bar going off at a strange and unusable angle. Much scratching of head and scribbling on paper led me to re-work the back of the car. By adding two more hoops and cross members plus a 'spine' I could make a framework that would allow me to put in hatches not possible in the original monocoque version.

I think everything works. The hatches are good for loading plus there is a hatch access behind the seats for bulkier things to be slid into the hold. The petrol cap has it's own sealed compartment and I've got two glovebox type spaces above the seat backs.

There was no comment at MSVA about the structure and the weight at the test was 385kg so I don't think I added too much weight in the modification. I'm not sure if Phil G would approve but out of a curious anomaly in the original chassis has come a solution that I'm quite pleased with.

Pete Willmin

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