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Weekend Workshop

Duncan Grimmond

This looks like becoming an annual event so once again I'm proposing to hold a weekend workshop in October perhaps the 15th or 29th. The same format as before, early start on Saturday with Sunday to finish off what you started yesterday. As all my previous posts seem to have vanished in the glitch in March there is the possibility for all sorts of sheet metal-work and basic engineering. The idea is to kick-start stalled projects and help beginners to get some more cars finished and on the road.

Folders, guillotine, English wheel, stretcher/shrinker, pillar drill, press, small lathe, good range of hand tools etc. are available. It will be aimed at those who are daunted by the unknown world of panel forming so anything from a new floor to a gas-pedal blister can be achieved relatively quickly. Finishing details and other bits of light engineering can also be done. Depending on availability and demand I hope other advisers will also be there. There is accommodation available at not too great a distance either in a bunk-house style, B&B or small hotel.

If you are interested please email me direct sales AT

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