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FENMAN CLASSIC 2011 - AUGUST 29th Bank Holiday Monday

Mike Meakin

Our "Norfolk Experience" Pembleton weekend saw no takers, so Alan, friend Richard (Squadron-Leader James!) and I had a "boys' weekend" of our own. Alan and I spent a very happy and memorable afternoon with Ken Wallis (Autogyro Man). He didn't fly any of the machines - understandable with only the two of us spectating - but it was a memorable visit. With Ken now being 95, we wondered just how long he can continue - he seems indefatigable.

The Whisky Distillery booking was cancelled and promptly snapped up by others on the "waiting/cancellation" list.

With both Brooklands "showered and shaved" we made our way to Wimbotsham on Bank Holiday Monday : 11 o'clock and already there were thousands of people milling about the village with hundreds of motorbikes of every description parked and on view. By arrangement, we had approval to put the Pembletons in the "Display Area" with all the concours' bike contenders and were immediately completely surrounded with interested spectators. After an hour, we decided the cars were safe and managed to escape, pleading "urgent call of nature".

The school playing field hosted the Club Display stands and a huge motorbike autojumble - many leather-clad, burgeoning ladies (pillions to scary bikers) became mobile eye candy. Alan bought a wheel and tyre for his current Guzzi bitza project. Richard picked up potential buyers for his V35 Guzzi. Having just sold my Enfield and Guzzi, I kept my cash zipped in to my pocket, saving all for a replacement bike.

From time to time we returned to the cars, always surrounded with onlookers, photographers and inquisitive bikers. The notion that a bike engine would "haul a car along" was easily dispelled by releasing the handbrake and inviting the inquisitor to feel the weight of the car. We must have given out dozens of times. Another year, I think we'll go, armed with flyers.

Still, months after the event, we get people saying " I saw two cars just like yours at the Fenman Classic…" Alan and I go to the Show every year - I think we'll be taking the Brooklands again.

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