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Gambalunga* is the bi-monthly magazine of the Moto Guzzi Club of Great Britian and the Oct/Nov 2011 edition had a number of articles which I found interesting.

  • The club hold a rally called the 'V Twin Rally' in Fordingbridge and this year was its 35th Anniversary. The pictures from the rally included mainly, as you would expect, Moto Guzzis with a sprinkling of Hardly Dangerous motor bikes. There were two mystery guests; a JZR and a 2CV powered Pembleton. The hopper's registration mark was W504MBT and it appeared in three pictures. Does anyone know more about the car and its owner?
  • Another article in Gambalunga is one of a series about a couple touring the world on a Moto Guzzi. At the moment they are in Australia and broke down, yet again, this time with erosion of the cylinder head due to detonation thought to be caused by using E10 petrol. The locals claim that engines run hotter on E10 and all the local bikers avoid it like the plague. Curious because methanol based fuels are supposed to run cooler than petrol powered engines but this might be true only for high powered racing engines. I know methanol is not the same as ethanol but not that different. It sounds to me more like low octane fuel is the root cause of detonation.
  • The last item of interest to Pembleton owners and builders was about an upgraded voltage regulator for Moto Guzzis and BMWs. The author suggested that crankshaft speed alternators struggle to provide enough output at low revs. The improved regulator gives more volts (and hence amps into the battery) at low revs. They come from Germany and the suppliers website is
* Gambalunga derives from the 1946 500cc racing Guzzi and means 'long leg' in Italian.

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