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James' build

I took delivery of my chassis on the 14/12/2009 from Phil. It was a nice day as I took my dad with me who had just lost most of his sight so the trip cheered him up. Phil was very nice to my Dad and to this day I only need to say Pembleton for him to start telling everyone in ear shot about his day out.

The car is progressing well now I have a few jobs to finish but at present I am wiring her up.

I bought the car on the advice of my doctor not the Pembleton but he said I needed to do something to take my mind off things as I had been told I had a brain tumour and I went into depression. I am a lot better in my mind I still have the brain tumour but have come to terms with it.

Just back from 2cv city they have been very helpful and I would advise anyone who needs help or parts to give them a call very good service.

The blister was easy just cut out the shape from 2 pieces of scrap 3/4inch ply put a piece of 1.5 mil ali in middle screwed together both pieces of wood got a small rubber hammer filed the end round and working from middle to outside and bashed away . Rubber leaves no dints and as the ali work hardens the thing kind of smooths its self out as you hit it.

I made the scuttles because I liked the scuttles on Bugatti's so I got a photo out of a book and copied it. I made an eye shape out of cardboard and bent it round the front of the car until I thought it looked right added about 20mm for a front edge. Then I made one from ali and used clecos to get it in right place and did the same on the other side. After I bought some bus ali edging and fitted it around the edge this holds the two pieces together in the middle. It is very strong. I have bought the old MG type Brookland screens that have a bent ali plate to hold them on to the scuttle oh I forgot to add when I made the scuttles I made them to fit the radius of the screen base. Is that as clear as mud !!!!!!!

I loved building the body very much and learned a lot too and would love to build another. Unfortunately wish I was as good at wiring.

My partner thinks I am mad but as she is French and the fact that the heart of the car is French just smiles when I talk about the cat but she does want me to build a 4 wheel version. In saying all that her relatives are always asking when the car will make an appearance in France so it has got to be this year come hell or high water. The roads around her parents' house are a dream for the Pembleton and just 2 hours' drive from St Malo.

Hope to hear from you soon will send you more photos when I get the time to pull her out of the garage.

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