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Weekend Workshop

On 28th October the first hardy types arrived for the weekend workshop messrs. Parr, Marsh and Garland met in The Yorkshire Hussar for a beer and this time Roger brought his Melodeon. A few beers and then the music started. Unfortunately there was only a small cross-over between boogie-woogie and folk styles but it seemed to work.

Saturday saw Mark Corkery , Eric Farelly and Andy Newman arrive in good time to drag Dave and me from our breakfast. Some folks are keen! Barry Hatch also arrived soon after.

We started with coffee of course and spent a fair time chatting before getting down to some work on Mark's Brooklands, a cover for his outboard handbrake.

At this point Albert Crackleport and Basil Splutterpipe arrived in "Owd No. Three" a lovely example of the early SS. They also brought armfuls of buns and cakes which went down well.

Dave had some front suspension arms to deal with and a powerful nut on a wheel-bearing to release.

Andy brought his SS on a trailer with a view to making turning mudguard mounts.

With Mark set on course the press came out to drive out Dave's kingpins. Having arranged everything a drift was needed for the pins and I remembered using a deep socket so I brought out the 12mm one as I was certain that was the one. All went well until we realised that the socket was jammed. Red face on my part and I spent 20 minutes or so correcting my mistake, However, the pins came out and the bushes followed, using a drift made to the drawing in the Haynes manual.

As we had a date with a bonfire and fireworks we finished at 5.00 and Barry, Roger and Mark made their separate ways home.

Tom, Dan and Dave together with Pam and I made our way to the Halloween party and spent a pleasant evening in a summer-house which had the sign "Pembleton O C only" on the door and a fridge for the beer. We then repaired to the pub again.

Sunday started at about 9.30 and the project was to finish the mudguard stays started on Saturday. This seemed to take the rest of the day but I think Andy went away with a smile on his face.

Trying the off-set bends and position on Andy's guards. He has old friction damper trunions so there is a convenient place to hang them, even if it was made from a bit of galvi plate off the garage floor.

All in all I think it was a successful weekend with a fair amount of fat chewed and work achieved. If there is the demand I’ll run a further one next year.

Lea Thermallet

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