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Daft or Daring?


Colin Wilson

Some readers will possibly remembered long ago I speculated about building a Super Pem?

Distracted by building another type of car which turned out fairly well,then bout's of family illness and the ridiculous having to work for a living caused by inattention at school, well it wasn't inattention my concentration was doodling pictures of Derek Minter, Mike Hailwood and ogleing a 175 Bianchi in Crawfords bike shop on the way home !!

So back to the Super Pem well I have decided on a different Pem.

A short wheelbase three wheeler chassis has been bought from Phil. A Honda Pan European engine and drive train purchased and many more bit's beside.

After a lot of thought / mulling We ( family project ) decided separating the drive train and front engine mounting was a hell of a lot of work to produce an untested drive train when the Pan European is tried and tested lugging, around a policeman and all the gear that he has to take with him nowadays radio, tazer and things to defend himself ( what a disgusting state the country is in ) gone are the happy days when a cork helmet and a pair of gauntlets were enough.

So that lot is going to stay as a piece to make the new machine mid engined ! now at this stage some of you will think I have lost it / totally off my trolley etc, well so be it.

A run round with the tape measure and you will get this thing to 110" ( 9' 2" ) wheelbase but not so. The limiting factor for extra space was the front cross member for the 2CV suspension so that is being abandoned in favour of a parralel wishbone setup with inboard suspension. Most of the kit cars use outboard systems to save problem in the build but we are opting for inboard, a bit more difficult but much cleaner lines.

The front uprights and hubs Are Westield. We should end up with a 102" ( 8' 6" ) wheelbase. Nice 19" wire wheels at the front

To accommodate the above will mean some mods to the chassis but nothing to drastic. The bulkhead will move forward with more stiffening and floor mounted pedal box.

Moving to the rear the suspension off the Pan European will be employed allowing a much narrower line to the finished profile.

The wiring loom and ECU have been junked and a Omex ECU will be used a cheaper version than on the Wilbot but just as good for the purpose.

The lower half of the aluminium body will be a stressed skin glued and riveted in traditional Pembleton style painted not polished.

I am open to all comments good and bad amusing or disparaging. After many years doing my own thing with machines of one sort or another I relaise that the Pembleton leaves a certain amont of freedom in the interpritation just as Phil intended.

When the ePAG comes out I will start a trail on the forum for contributions ( no not money )

Good Pembling

Colin Wilson

I e-mailed Colin

Hi Colin,
That's an interesting project. Any sketches indicating what sort of body it will have? Any pics to whet the appetite of the Pembleton community?

He replied

Hi David
We have got a few body ideas bullet tail at the back to take advantage of the slim rear end and a collection of photos off the net for ideas but until we get the basic shape sorted it's difficult to say we want to stick with a twenties style but sleek - all electric gear change by the way no gear lever other than a emergency one underneath - stick it in 3rd and plonk home in case of failure. My idea was to get a bit more going on the forum.
Attached a Bugatti rear though a bit chiseley at the back for us!
Colin W

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