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Tom sent me this e-mail

just to let you know revised V5 arrived today and all correct so my/Mike Meakins approach works!

I'm now back in Ireland for a few weeks during which time I hope to get my build restarted and, with luck, finished some time this spring. I have to come to UK for a few weeks in March but will crack on when I return to the build. I have to say I admire Tom for getting on so quickly with his engine conversion. I noticed the date - 2006 - on some of the photos I took of my small block Moto Guzzi adapter. Where has the time gone?

Found this site on the web about two Pembleton builds - anybody know more about them?

I got this e-mail from Steve in USA

Just a thought......I was searching for kit car rules here in the US and up popped a wiki link, when examining it this is what I found. Looks like they're simply waiting for someone to link the website to this entry?? Just a thought........
Steve Hammatt

I wrote something but couldn't upload it. I also had doubts about the originality of a wiki about a company after reading the wiki rules. However a lot of unlikely car companies are there - Morgan and Westfield to name but two . I'm not sure if its worth pursuing but if someone is prepared to do a bit of work and get it onto wki I won't feel offended!

This is what I generated in wiki speak.

{{Infobox company
| company_name     = Pembleton Motor Company
| company_logo     = 
| company_type     = Manufacturing Company
| foundation       = 1998 by Phil Gregory
| location_city    = [[Bayton|Bayton, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY14 9LP ]]
| location_country = England
| location         = 
| industry         = Automobiles
| products         = Supersport, Brooklands ''see Models''
| homepage         = [ Pembleton Motor Company]
| footnotes        =

'''Pembleton Motor Company''' is a manufacturer of two-seater, open top sports kit cars with a 1920s 
vintage look. The car is self-built using a supplied chassis.


The car was conceived as a cheap way of going to Ireland by ferry. It was built in about four weeks and 
Phil had a successful holiday in Ireland.

The original car was clad in aluminium sheet rescued from a Perberton caravan. The name was later changed 
to Pembleton.

Total production to the end of 2011 is about 340 for the two models split 
about 2:1:: three wheel supersport:four wheel Brooklands.


One donor vehicle (Citroen 2CV or Dyane) is required to complete the car. The chassis is ready to accept 
the all major components and in no time will be on its wheels. The body panels are cut from aluminium 
using the patterns supplied. This is straightforward requiring no special tools. There are no compound  
curves and the build will be extremely satisfying. Every effort has been made to keep 2CV parts as 
standard thoughout, resulting in a cheaper build and more reliability.

Long or short-wheel base 3 or 4 wheel chassis are available. All incorporate a steel frame arround the 
cockpit, and there is a comprehensive list of extras which include  full weather protection with 
V screen, hood, side screens and tonneau and ready cut aluminium panels.
The professionally designed tubular space frame chassis with stressed aluminium skin accepts 2CV 
mechanical components, world famous for reliability. With good luggage space, comfortable ride and 
driving position, powerful brakes and predictable handling, the Pembleton can meet the demands of 
todays's motorist, while providing the exhilaration of a 1920s open top sports car and any tour 
can be undertaken with ease.

With a possible build weight of 300kg the car is exceptionally light. This reduces the stress on all 
the components resulting in a large improvement in performance and handling while leaving the engine 
in a reliable state of tune. Combined with new suspension geometry (requiring no detrimental additions 
such as anti-roll bars) this makes the car a delight to drive. Engine options of Citroen, Moto Guzzi 
and BMW give a power to weight ratio ranging from 118 to a thrilling 300BHP per ton.

Image:Supersport2cv.JPG|Citroen 2CV powered Supersport
Image:SupersportMG.JPG|Moto Guzzi powered Supersport
Image:Brooklandsbmw.JPG|BMW powered Brooklands


===Magazine Reviews===

* Kit Car reviews the Pembleton Super Sport, published July 2001
* Which Kit? reviews the Pembleton Super Sport, published January 2002
* Which Kit? - A reader's Pembleton Super Sport, published March 2003
* Complete Kit Car reviews the Pembleton and interviews Phil Gregory, published June 2008
* Kit Car article on Mike Meakin's Pembleton Brooklands build, published July 2009
* Kit Car reviews the Pembleton Super Sport, published July 2010

==External links==

{{External links|date=March 2012}}


* [ Pembleton Motor Company page on the Pembleton Enthusiasts website]

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===Build Diaries===

* [ Bob Gilpatrick's blog of his second Pembleton build]
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