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Penny pinching on brakes

Whilst taking the one of the brake calipers apart to clean them up, I duly laid out all the bits one at a time so I could photograph them to see how they went together. Everything went according to plan and the last bits to come out were the pads for the handbrake.These were a little difficult as they were stuck to a circular copper shim behind them (?) . As I had not found anything by Mr Haynes on shims for these pads I presumed that the previous owner was trying to get a bit more wear out of their pads by spacing them out . A closer inspection suggested that whoever owned the gearbox beforehand was obviously on a tighter budget than me for their car, as the shims turned out to be 2 pence pieces!.

I am hoping that the other caliper has received the same treatment, as that means I will be able to offset the cost of my build by the princely sum of 8 pence!


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