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It's not a Pembleton

From the Antipodes

Well if you are expecting to see updated picture of my Pembleton Replika, then you will be disappointed

I have not even put a spanner on it for the past 3 months as I have been busy working on a WW11 BMW 750 cc and sidecar …. What ! I hear you say, a bike …. Well it has three wheels as it is an outfit, well it would be if I fitted the sidecar. I have had this project sitting around for 10 years and I got a rush of blood, and the fact that I was invited to a rally in South. Australia, which is about 2000mile round trip

The bike was completed in time, but I didn't go as a rear seal which could only be bought from the USA or Europe let me down. Delivery was promised air freight paid which was 5 time the price of the seat, but it took two weeks to get here .. It is all fixed now, ready for next year perhaps

The weekend past 1st June saw Liz and I take a short run to Byron Bay It was promising to be a great sunny day 24deg.... The reason for the trip was to greet a group about 12 or so 2CVs that had just finished a Raid from Tasmania in the South through the snow fields finishing in New South Wales at Byron Bay a one way trip of some 1500 miles.

Three days before the trip I decided to give Goliath a service, check the tappets change the oil in the engine and gearbox. While checking things out I noticed that the engine was more “mobile “ than usual … an inspection showed that the two studs which are screwed into the engine case had come loose allowing the engine to rock about . So out with the studs degrease and locktite this should put it to bed .. I will keep an eye on them just to be sure. Seeing as we were going to be in the presence of a dozen or so dirty 2 CV's which had been traveling for some weeks I decide to add some extra “BLING” by giving the old girl a coat of Autosol . Thursday Packed the car ready to go, Thursday evening news stated shower tending to rain... great that all we needed. Now Liz doesn't do cold, or wet so I had planed to take the car... Next morning it didnt look too bad and at Liz's suggestion we thought to take a chance on the weather . Half an Hour into a Two Hour run the heavens opened up and it belted down to such a point the the freeway turned to a crawl with hazard lights on . Viability was all of 25mts.

After a while it eased to just normal rain and we were off again arriving it time for lunch . The rain held off for the rest of the day till lunch time the next day and as we prepared to head for home, yes you guessed it belted down again and lasted all the way home . I had dressed Liz in Gortex overalls Gortex jacket full face helmet granny blanket over the knees and tonneau cover up to her chin. After about half an hour I looked across at her and she was sound asleep. So much for not like to ride in the rain...

Peter Gibbs

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