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Super Sport Rear Compartment

Some builders have reinforced the rear of the side panel by internal structure and I thought that I would like to do something similar. My main reason in addition to stiffening the side panels was to prevent debris being thrown up into the rear bodywork. At first the installation of a motorcycle mudguard seemed to be the way to go but like all these ideas it progressed into an internal structure which also provided the benefit of a compartment for tools etc above the rear wheel.

I had aluminium sheet left over from the body panels so with the help of cardboard templates, the various items were shaped up. Care was taken to ensure that there was space for suspension travel as comments in the forum showed that this could be a problem. All the items were made before the side panels were riveted in position and then the new parts were riveted in place being attached to the upper chassis longitudinal members, side skins and the rear bulkhead.

The central tunnel was made from two parts as shown in the centre of the picture. The side floors are placed in their respective positions. The three items in the foreground are fitted in front of the wheel to provide sideways splash protection.

The second picture shows all the items fitted in their final position before fitting the top half of the cockpit rear bulkhead.

The third picture shows the view from the rear of the final installation after the rear top body panel has been attached. Additional pieces form the rear face of the wheel cavity giving the reinforcing to the side panels from where this idea originated.

From the simple idea of a mudguard, quite a complicated arrangement developed but it has achieved my aim in keeping road debris well contained.

I trust that a picture is worth a thousand words but will be pleased to provide further details on request.

Mike Bowden.

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