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Rob Andrews wins Aidran Flux Trophy

The toolbox WAS £650; reduced to £199; as it was slightly damaged, I couldn't miss this opportunity and thought if it is still there at the end of the show I’ll buy it. Late on the Sunday evening as most people were wending their ways home I went back to see if it was still there. At first I couldn’t see it as something else had been moved in front of it. Imagine my joy in seeing it still sat there. So out came the hard saved up pennies and I bought it. They even assisted me in fitting it to the rear rack. Driving home was fraught with very upset for the other road users' as I slowly made my way to the main roads, and then the motorways; on the motorways I stayed at 45 M.P.H. as the saying of it drives like a brick, took on a whole new meaning for me.

I WON THE CITROEN SPECIALS OWNERS' CLUB'S ADRIAN S FLUX SPECIAL TROPHY. I think it must have been for either the most original load on a Pembleton; or the most original buy of the day.

Rob Andrews

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