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Sorry about the delay in getting the last couple of newsletters out - my excuse is "I've been very busy"! I've finally finished my build and Quicksilver is now on the road ready for adventures new. There are a number of things that I have to do over the winter on the car - making a tonneau is high on the agenda.

There have been stories circulating on the web about EU rules harmonising used vehicle testing - a sort of super MOT. One major problem with the proposal is vehicles must comply with the original manufacturer's specification - I've no idea how an examiner will be expected to know or have access to this info especially for manufacturers who no longer exist. Let's hope we don't have MOT problems with our cars.

Have a look at on the ACE website for the full article.

I'll try to complete the revamp of the website over the winter. The idea is to get a consistent "look" which makes navigation easier and also makes the upkeep of the site simpler as well. It will then be possible to modify a couple of files to transform the look if so required.

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