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The yolk's on you, Duncan!

Come 4pm on Friday the 14th September and your scribe deserted the quest to impart wisdom upon indifferent youth and roared north towards the second Embleton meet. Four other reprobates awaited my arrival, Duncan, Tom, Colin ( and Jock the dog), so my tent was hastily pitched and four men and a dog departed on foot in search of sustenance and liquid refreshment. Duncan suggested that we would work up an appetite on the "half hour walk" to the pub, but his notions of time and distance were questioned en route. After navigating the woods, conquering the sand dunes, dodging the stray golfers and marching down the beach, we arrived at the pub only a few minutes late. It was well worth the walk, for The Ship Inn had a great atmosphere, friendly and hardworking staff, good food and some local brewery products which we felt obliged to sample in our efforts to support local industry. The walk back along the beach was lit by a million stars (no light pollution up here), and the evening was rounded off with banter and Bowmore.

On Saturday morning Duncan led the charge to Holy Island, the four Pembletons an added tourist attraction as we parked by the garden wall of a 2CV enthusiast Duncan claimed to know. There was no reply to a knock on the door, so maybe he had heard us and was hiding! We strolled round the sights in the sunshine and returned to the cars and the usual barrage of questions. Duncan and Tom continued to demonstrate their knowledge of the back roads of Northumberland, taking in Wooler (pub lunch in a beautiful sunny beer garden) and Rothbury. These are perfect roads for the Pembleton, with Colin's car making up in handling what it might have lacked in cc. His co-pilot Jock seemed to find all the noise and motion quite normal as the scenery rushed by.

The noise and sight of four Pembletons brought the expected amazement and approval of everyone enjoying the weekend sunshine, although one car passenger chose to express his admiration by lobbing an egg at Duncan's car. Duncan was less than amused by this, but a barrage of eggstremely bad puns (eggcellent aim, uneggspected,) and merciless comments (Can you smell omelettes? Is that an eggshell finish?) forced him to see the funny side.

Amongst the four of us we covered most variants of Pembleton (Grasshopper 2CV, Guzzi small block, Guzzi big block, Brooklands BMW), so when we all piled into two cars to drive to the pub on Saturday night, Tom and I swopped cars. I've only ever driven my own big block, so it was fascinating to drive a car with the smaller v-twin, particularly Tom's, which goes so well. It still had the same Pembleton feel, but with very different engine characteristics, similar power but delivered in a different way. Thanks, Tom!

A sunny Sunday morning saw us pack up and depart north and south, after watching Colin skilfully reverse the Pembleton up ramps and into the back of his van - he made it look easy! As with last year's event, not a drop of rain was seen all weekend, and it was almost warm enough to drive in t-shirts. If you like to give your car a good gallop on quiet and "interesting" roads, enjoy good food/beer/whisky/company/scenery, then think about joining us next year. Thanks for organising it, Duncan, an eggceptional weekend!

Sam McIntyre

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