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Fuel Contents Indication

For those not wishing to use the 2CV speedo (with the integral fuel gauge) then there exists a problem of finding a substitute stand-alone gauge.

This is because the 2CV sender resistance range differs to the requirement of the majority of gauges out there, (surprise surprise). There are a couple of solutions. One is to use an aftermarket matching sender and gauge. The problem here is that I could not find a sender that would fit the exiting aperture in the 2CV tank. The second solution was (as advised in the forum) to use a Citroen GS/GSA gauge.

I found a GS fuel gauge but when testing with both the gauge and tank sender removed from the vehicle and connected directly together in series; battery positive to gauge, bridge wire gauge to tank sender positive and tank sender earth to battery negative. The gauge reads one quarter full with sender at empty and full when tank sender moved to full. The error here is that the gauge casing must be earthed. For testing as described the gauge earth can be connected to the sender earth or to the battery negative.

Similarly, when installed it is necessary to ensure the gauge casing is earthed. This would probably normally be achieved by seeing a need to earth the casing for the illumination bulb to work.

For interest, the resistance through my pattern replacement 2CV tank sender is 338 ohms at empty and 10 ohms at full. The 2CV fuel gauge resistance across the terminals is 140 ohms; from the left hand terminal to the casing is 390 ohms and from the right hand terminal to casing 530 ohms. The GS/GSA is 142 ohm across the terminals, 439 ohms left terminal to casing and 581 ohms right terminal to casing. So near enough these gauges are the same. Certainly much closer than most other gauges which seem to be in the range 0 to 180 ohms These GS/GSA gauges (used) are currently readily available from tel: 01462 455280, at a reasonably competitive price.

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