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Tank connection

Perhaps like me others have spent a disproportionate amount of time pondering the best way to connect up the fuel tank to a filler neck/cap on the SuperSport. The problem being that there is very little clearance between the end of the tank neck and the rear side panel. An obvious way was to use a 56mm to 45 mm 90 deg silicone elbow. These sizes are available but apparently only the fleuro lined ones are suitable for fuel. These I have not been able to find. The other obvious choice is to use flexible fuel hose all the way from tank to filler neck with a reducer to the filler neck size. Expensive and suitable reducers are not easy to come buy.

Eventually a reasonably elegant solution occurred and one perhaps is worth sharing

A plumbing 42mm copper end feed 90 deg elbow has the outside diameter of the end feeds exactly 45 mm and the end feeds are 30mm long which is ample for taking a hose worm drive clip. These are readily available from any plumbing supplier.

So, the original rubber reducing (56mm to 45mm) coupling goes on the tank, then the 45mm copper end feed 90 deg elbow, then a short length of hose connects the copper elbow to the original 45mm 2CV fuel tank feed pipe (which can be well supported on a stand off bracket to the rear bulkhead), then a reasonable length of hose to the upper deck mounting of the filler neck/cap.

The neck of the tank in my installation had to be shortened by 25mm but this is no issue as there is more than enough neck length to do this.

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