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We had a sustained klingon attck last month with dozens of automated registrations to the forum. We were not alone and the Citroën Specials Club site was similarly affected. I changed the registration verification and this seems to have worked. I also created a dummy forum because I noticed automated postings seem to go into the first forum. This hasn't yet been tested. We still get people going to the bother of registering and then posting adverts or, even more perplexing, non-relevant material. I delete this stuff as soon as I notice it.

Looking through the list of people who have registered on our forum I found 171 people who have not posted anything. A good proportion of them give no details at all. I wonder why they bother to register in the first place.

This ePAG newsletter is a bit lighter than usual on content - there are no big articles. Part of the problem I suspect is the season - people are busy and the weather does inhibit trips or working on the car but I do need material to keep further newsletters appearing. It would be nice to not to rely on the small number of regular contributors for articles. Don't be shy about getting your name in print!

There was a three wheeler group test published in the Daily Telegraph (14 Nov 2012) which will be the basis of an article in one of the kit car magazines due out in the new year. As is usual with stuff 'written' by journos it's full of errors! For the Pembleton entry

Chassis/Body: tubular steel spaceframe with aluminium body panels. Leading link torsion-beam front suspension, trailing-link torsion-beam rear suspension.

There's a guy in France who builds very expensive Pembleton look-a-likes. His website is It's not clear to me, my schoolboy french not being that good, if he uses the Pembleton chassis or bolts a frame onto a 2CV chassis. Some pictures show one or other. I assume he has ways to get round the difficulty of getting a Pembleton, built with a new chassis in France, registered in France. I know people moan about the UK IVA and MSVA tests but at least we can build and register kit cars in UK. There are major hurdles for our continental friends who want to build and register a kit car. One 'fix' for this problem is to get it registered in UK and then import it into the country of choice. I know that Crackleport has helped Koen get his car registered in UK.

There can be problems associated with the date of the car and the local equivalent of the MoT. If the date is current then the standard the car has to comply with is also current despite the age related plate and an old engine. My V5C does not have any date on it except September 2012 as the year of manufacture. I hope there's no problem with emissions when I face the MoT person in three years time because my engine dates from the early 1990s and wil fail to meet the current standards.I can show a letter dating the engine but .....

Seasons greeting to everyone - let's hope the weather is kinder next year to let us enjoy our cars to the full.

The Editor

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