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Overhauling gear stick sliding bushes

I was lucky to get hold of a gear stick assembly for my second Hopper but only to find that the bushes were knackered. While ordering some other parts I noticed that the rubber and nylon bush assembly was readily available at just a few euros so I bought two.

As you know the bushes are held in place by the out tube being swaged over at the end and there is no way to undo this swage.

My remedy is as follows, carefully grind of the swage with bench grinder or cut with junior hacksaw. Thus so

Remove the old bush,…….

Next slide new bush in place like so

Next make two caps that will slide over the outer tube like so

Then fix in place with Loctite or super glue, or you could solder it if you prefer

A little paint and you are done, looks good and works a treat

Peter Gibbs

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