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Wilbot's hood

Attached a few photos of the wilbot hood. As can be seen it attaches to a straight screen but the same type of carrier could be made for a split, angled screen. I made it the way it is to suit my screen top motor driven wipers. I got the wiper bits from Vintage Supplies the motors great but the wiper pivots are fiddly.

The hood frame is made from ally sliding tubes from a fishing shop and stiffened at the back with a curved angle section that makes the whole thing rigid, nothing flaps at 90 MPH so overall I am pleased with it. The cover is double duck from Woolies and it was sewn by the upholsterer that helps out with my bits. He is well used to hoods and his knoweledge and advice helped. It takes ten minutes to assemble and disassemble and it fits neatly in a bag to fit in the boot or strap to the roll over bars if the boot is full. All in all a fair bit of work but worth it for the comfort increase on a long run. We did a 500km day in France and felt good at the end of it.

Colin Wilson

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