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I went to Duncan's last workshop weekend with two tasks; a glove box lid and an underbonnet bulkhead to protect the rear of the gauges and the electrickery. With Duncan's help both were finished in one day. The lid is a double skinned job with a bit of waterproof ply sandwiched between the two skins. I took the glovebox lid back to Ireland, engine turned it, made a mounting for a clock and installed it into the thickness of the lid. I had no space on the dash for a much needed clock as I found I couldn't look at a wrist watch when driving especially wearing gloves. The quartz clock is from a nurse's fob watch originaly mounted in a lurid silcone pin-on pendant broach which cost £1.59 post paid from China found on ebay - how do they do it? - I couln't post it from the UK to Ireland at that price. I need to get some closed cell foam to seal off the underbonnet bulkhead to finish that job.

While in Ireland I shortened my gear lever to reduce the throw of the big black gear knob. I don't have a collapsable boss on the steering wheel so there isn't much space between the dash and the wheel rim. It works a treat so I'm happy with it.

Quicksilver is still having oil breather problems which I mentioned on the forum. People suggested a blocked oil return from the head as a possible cause so I removed the rocker over of the offending cylinder and found the two very small drain holes on the lower side of the valve spring seats. I poked a bit of wire down th holes and it went below the cylinder head gasket so it didn't appear to be blocked. I squirted oil into the general area and the oil drained away without any problems. What to do now? A quick 'fix' was to block off the rocker breather on the offending side and rely on the other breather to do the business. Well it works! The oil loss is now insignificant so that will do for now.

I did have one minor problem - after all the fiddling under the cowl when routing the breather pipes one spark plug lead got pulled off the coil and it was a pig of a job to replace it. I located the coils on a little bulkhead under the copper cowl/bonnet support to keep them snug and dry. Well it's far too tight for space. I can either see or touch but not both! If I could redo it I would make the cowl assembly removealble rather than riveting it into place.

I sent some pictures of Quicksilver to friends in Ireland and someone commented that I needed a moustache to complete the 'look' so this was my effort. I don't even recognise myself!

David Tocher

Stuart Budd

Since the last ePag newsletter some things have moved on and some things have stood still.

Having cleaned and painted for what seemed like an eternity the bolting things together phase was entered with a fair degree of excitement. I guess that putting things together is always going to be more exciting than cleaning them.

Getting to the rolling chassis stage didn't present too many insurmountable problems and as always the help and support form forum members was invaluable. The wheels eventually went on and it moved freely and seemed to steer in both directions. I've yet to take the "me in my rolling chassis" photo, but that's just down to laziness. I've noted the gap between steering column and chassis mounting point, so that's another something to tackle a little further down the line. There pictures of some very nicely finished spacers in Scandinavian workshops on the website which I'm probably not nearly skilled enough to emulate... I'll see what I can manage.

I've also trial fitted my gear box and all seems to be in order, no fouling of the steering arm bolts noted. I've used the mounting brackets as supplied by Phil rather than going with the reinforced option that a number of builders appear to favour; I may revise that decision as time progresses.

Currently the 2CV engine is undergoing a top end re-build following the discovery of discolouration on the pistons skirts. I believe that this is evidence of combustion finding it's way to the wrong side of the piston rings. A thorough clean has taken place and re-assembly with new rings etc. is soon to commence. Getting the heads off of the barrels was a struggle but Ken's suggestion of gently cooking them while Karen was out for the evening worked a treat.

I'm due to collect my laser cut panels from Phil in a couple of weeks and hope not to experience the fitting problems that some have reported. I guess that only time will tell. One potential issue that I'll need to negotiate is that my ECAS uprated springs stand a couple of mm proud of floor level. My plan at the moment is to either install fillets between the chassis and floor to lift it by an appropriate amount or to cut holes in the floor to accommodate the springs and fit "joggled" covers over them. I will of course be seeking advice via the forum closer to the time.

Finally it looks like Duncan is going to host a floor folding workshop in February which I hope to attend.If nothing else is quite right, at least I'll know that my floor is very professionally folded :)

Stu (aka Ratchet)

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