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Rolled edge cockpit coaming

Several people have asked how I did my cockpit coaming; the method is simple.

The cockpit edge is trimmed all round with extruded aluminium edging. Roll-edge coaming, in two single pieces, runs around the rear top edge and the front flare. Both continue on to the straight sides and butt against the side arm-rests. There are no joins in the roll-edge leather.

The leather needs to be cut to the contour sufficiently wide to wrap around 15mm polyethylene pipe insulation (I used 9mm wall thickness) with ½" surplus underneath and 1½" on the top. The top surplus is doubled over and stitched twice following the contour shape. The pipe insulation is pushed over the panel edging, the stitched leather glued to the panel, wrapped around the insulation then tucked in to the slot and glued.

Lift-the-dot threaded posts are fitted through the leather and panel when the glue has dried, with nuts and washers below the panel. This gives added security to the leather fixing and provides the fixings for my tonneau.

The side arm rests are made from two pieces of 1.5mm aluminium sheet formed in to an "L", covered with a mix of pipe insulation on the two long edges, sheet polyethylene foam on the flat surfaces (including the underside of the top. Leather is then glued under the top, wrapped tightly around and over the two long edges, then glued to the back. Three M6 stainless self tappers and stainless cup washers fix the armrest (through the top of the side trim panel) to the top frame rail.

The side arm rests are particularly comfortable, being fairly resilient but soft. I’ve included some images to illustrate.

Mike Meakin

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