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Starting the Lump

Those with long memories may remember my post in the Technical section of the Forum, asking for help with reluctant starting of my Guzzi 950 big block. All the advice was good, earths were checked, switches bypassed, starter replaced with a good second-hand unit, terminals cleaned, battery uprated to an Odyssey, all to no avail when I tried to start it in the recent cold weather. So, time to smash the piggy bank! A quick search on t’Internet came up with Manchester Auto Electrical in Salford, handy as my next door neighbour commutes to Manchester every week and could act as postman! I rang them, spoke to their technical guy and discovered that their starter is brand new, not reconditioned, and at 1.4kw is twice the power of the 2cv unit. It’s also both smaller and lighter than the original, no bad thing in a Pembleton. All for less than £50! I fitted it this morning and the starting is transformed.

MAE obviously knew their business and weren’t taken aback when I said it was for a kit car, and their product works well for a good price. So if you’re part way through a build, particularly if you’re using a big block motor, take a look at the MAE starter, and use the original as a doorstop!


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