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Website and forum woes

Just after the release of the last newsletter ePAG49 we experienced a major problem with the website. It was hacked and the website hosts took our site off line. It proved impossible to deal with them as they were experiencing BT telephone problems as well. The upshot is we now have two websites;

One major problem which is partly my fault - well entirely my fault - is the lack of a recent back-up of the forum database. Part of my difficulties is living both in Leeds and Limerick and only one of my two computers has a CD drive. I backed up onto my hard disc and it crashed losing almost everything. I will be returning to Ireland in the near future and will look for an older CD. I hope to be able either combine the current database with the back up or have the old one as a read-only one for reference. It would be a shame to lose the pearls of wisdom offered by so many people.


Sorry to have articles about chassis failures. Phil is now strengthening chassis that he supplies but there is obviously a legacy of older cars which may suffer these problems but being forwarned of the issue will made people keep an eye on the weak parts.

Martin Clan is building a Pembleton and he is posting progress on madabout-kitcars forum

This must be the lowest car ever!

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