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Quicksilver update

Quicksilver's oil loss problem - a solution?

I might have cracked the heavy oil loss through the engine breather which affects one cylinder only. Going through the parts list at Moto Strada in Shipley I discovered that there should be an O ring sealing the high pressure oil feed to the rockers. This O ring sits between the cylinder barrel and the head. If the head gasket fails to seal the oilway in the absence of the O ring then oil will exit down the adjacent push rod tubes. Because air flows to/from the engine crankcase to/from the rocker cover via the push rod tubes, as the pistons bob up and down, it will blow this oil all over the place. When I ordered gaskets to rebuild the engine these O rings weren't supplied and I didn't notice them when I pulled the engine apart. Of course neither the V35/V50 manual or the suppliment covering the V75 show this O ring. This would explain why the problem is confined to one cylinder. A new head gasket and O ring are now on order and I'll do the job when I return from Ireland next month in time for the Lakelands Motor Museum trip. I'll report back on the success or otherwise of the work.

Tonneau cover

After a lot of thinking and gathering ideas from others I made a three zip style cover. I bought a non-streach vynide in a tasteful burgundy, 'lift the dot' fasteners and some press studs from Woolies. I decided to use Velco instead of zips as it seems to make a very strong closure and requires less sewing.

I made patterns from thick brown paper which were transfered to the vinyl and then cut out allowing for sewing margins. I have an old Singer sewing machine that I used when remodelling the leather seat covers for the car and it was pressed into service for this job. If I was attempting a new type of join I practiced on scrap 'cos the vinyl is expensive and I hate to waste material.

I made the lower panels first and fitted them with press studs under the arm rests and 'lift the dot' posts on the cockpit edges placed to match the sockets on the vinyl. One reason for starting with the lower panels was I'd have just about enough material spare to make another lower panel if I messed one up.

I had problems round the bases of the Brooklands screens because I hadn't allowed enough space for the tonneau cover overlapping the cockpit edge. I had to cut slots in the uprights which gave me enough extra space for the edge of the cover.

The last panel needed to fit to the existing posts and it was quite difficult to get it right.There are a few wrinkes in this panel but it shouldn't affect the weather tightness of the cover.

Because the seat belts come up through the toip rear panel and pass over a bar to give the required routing for the belts I had to make a shaped cover to stop rain soaking the seat belts and running down into the reels. I can't imagine they were designed to be water resistant.

The whole job obviously took much longer than I thought and I'm reasonably happy with the final result.

Assuming the oil breathing problem is solved then the next task is to improve the handling of the car. The Gaz shocks bought from Phil don't provide enough damping and the front wheels tramp up and down alarmingly when powering over rough surfaces. After the last few winters all roads are rough! I've tried messing with the click adjustment knob but to no avail.

David Tocher

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