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Stay failures

Dave Parr

I have a picture of the rear stay failure, common on Supersports. This is a result of the rear arm bashing on the stop, This tube was 1.6mm wall but now increased by Phil to 2.0mm wall in response to feed back on this issue. My front lamp bar was 1.6mm now replaced with 2.0mm. I believe all BMW Brooklands cars have 2.0mm as standard as well as "factory" Guzzi Supersports but not 2CV cars (can we check that with Phil?) My car was the first Guzzi Pembleton and was on the road about 2 years before Phil offered the official kit. To be honest I am surprised It lasted as long as it did , given the weight and power hike it was never designed to cope with. I took the opportunity to re-redesign the engine mount while doing the work. Now the bushes are interconnected AND supported at both ends as as they are with the works kit.

I hope this will provide a long term solution but time will tell.

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