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Getting a Pembleton registered in Belgium

There was a topic on the forum on this subject. Because of emissions regulations in Belgium the date of construction needs to be as early as possible as the regs that apply to newer vehicles are more difficult to meet. When I dealt with the Leeds DVLA office, when registering Quicksilver I was told that I should fill in the box for the year of manufacture as the current date as it was going to be registered as a new vehicle even though it used old parts. As a consequence of it being a new registration I wouldn't need an MOT for three years from the date of first registration. The age related plate reflected the age of the parts and not of the vehicle. Given the fact that some people have used the age of the donor and others the date of completiion of their build I suspect the DVLA don't care about the year of manufacture as it has no bearing on the actual registration process.

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From: Alan Walker


Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 6:41 PM

Subject: Your Registration Problem

Hi Georges,

This is Alan Walker, I'm not able to log in at the moment so thought I would contact you by email. Having read all the correspodence on the forum I had a look at my V5C document and find that it is using the date of my donor car throughout. I completed my Brooklands build in 2006 and passed MSVA in the June. I don't know how I completed my documents, much too long ago ! but Item B, 'date of first registration' is 03/01/1984. Item [B,1] 'Date of first registration in the UK' is also 03/01/84. The Validation charecter, which Mike mentioned is 'K' . On the front page of the V5C, Item 3, Special notes [ these notes cannot be removed ] it states :

  2. SVA/IVA CERT ISSUED 20 07 2006 EMMISSION LIMIT - %CO 4.5; HC 0.12

I remember they would'nt let me use the donor car number but issued an age related one - A 132 OVG.

Hope this helps with your problem,



From: Georges Uittenhout

To: Alan Walker

Sent: Monday, April 01, 2013 7:43 PM

Subject: Re: Your Registration Problem

Hi Alan,

Since december 24 , 2012 I've got my Belgium numberplates! So ,in the end everything went well but we had to push it a bit! First Swansea did send a V5C with both boxes of registration dated in 2012 . But, there was a mistake made in the chassis number; the SS (of SuperSport) was written down as 55 .... So my London based caretaker wrote a very clear an explicit letter to Swansea with the question to correct the chassis number and to change the 'date of first registrationin the UK' in the year 1979. We did sent a copy of another Pembleton V5C where it was done that way. Five weeks later the thing came back; things where changed as proposed and I could start Belgium procedures!

What a relief.



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